Hi Everyone

I started this site back in 1996. I can't believe its been so long. During this time I have built up a huge following of visitors and I thank you all for your kind words and suggestions over the years.

As you will know one of the requirments of my site is that you have a UGAS password. I live in Australia and under Australian law adult websites must have some kind of adult verification system. UGAS was the simplest method for me and also allowed member to use the same password for many other sites.

In addition I made a small income from UGAS. I used the income to cover the costs of hosting and domain registration etc. The site has never made a huge income.

Recently (April 2012) UGAS announced they would no longer pay webmasters a commission.

I still need to keep the site behind a verification system and so have decided from now on to use a system called Mansites. Getting a Mansites password is FREE but you MUST cancel the premium membership within 3 days of joining otherwise you will be charged a monthly fee.

It works like this:

You provide your payment details

You will be emailed a free password for my site

You will also receive a premium password

Read the email carefully and if you decide you don't want the premium site you must cancel it. Your free password to my

site will continue to work.

The password are generated and managed by Mansites - please contact them directly with any membership questions.


I hope this move will allow me to carry on with the site.