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Date: Sun 10/15/17 5:59AM
Location: Perth

Message: Fit 50yo strict spanker providing discipline for naughty boys and those who know they need correction.

I use my hand a strap or a cane.
i can do dad lad role play - dad pulls down lads shorts and places him on his lap for his diciplined spanking.

Date: Thu 10/22/15 1:06AM
Location: Melbourne

Message: I'm a spanker from the western suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. I am a firm believer in strict discipline.
We can chat/webcam on yahoo messenger I am
If you are interested in straight out spanking, role play or even real life punishments for things you have done in the past as a boy teenager or adult knowing that you should be spanked for it or for getting someone else into trouble and taking your punishment.
No sex just straight out discipline. I have a wide range of spanking implements. Or leave it to the roll of the dice for what implement, position, number of strokes that you should receive.
This will be quite and discrete and done at my place.

Date: Thu 05/7/15 4:24AM
Location: Perth

Message: Hi 35 year old male looking for any tops between 27 and 35 who can give this bad boy a good spanking.

Must be able to host

Date: Thu 02/19/15 12:33PM
Location: Melbourne

Message: Seeking a Mature Male Authority Figure for authentic traditional discipline..Spanking, Strap, Paddle, Belt etc..
I am 48 - but need to be dealt with as a teenager. Into role play scenarios, and more advanced training with the right Man..
Will correspond with Disciplinarians from further afield - to discuss my punishment experiences, and confess my ongoing sub desire..

Date: Thu 11/27/14 9:32PM
Location: melbourne

Message: legal teen looking to be spanked for the first time.

Date: Sat 06/1/13 11:28PM
Location: Sydney

Message: I'm a 49 year old man who is looking for anyone who needs to be spanked. Preferably a younger man looking for a fatherly experience, will respect limits, prepared to pull young man's pants down for good spanking. Can't host will come to you.

Date: Sat 04/27/13 5:37PM
Location: Ipswich

Message: Middle aged switch wishes to make contact with other men interested in spanking.
I have mainly given spankings up to now, but I would like to experience a little more on the receiving end.
I'm only a little guy - 5'2 / 60kgs and would like to be hand spanked. I also find straps, belts and brushes a big turn on.
Also willing to give spankings.
Your place please - I can't host.

Date: Wed 02/22/12 11:37PM
Location: Canberra

Message: Single divorced male 50 years old. Slim build, nice bottom and shaved requires regular spanking from Daddy. I understand that Daddy may need to have his requirements met afterwards.

Date: Wed 05/18/11 3:02AM
Location: Sydney

Message: Male 56 yrs,fit, experienced,needs over the knee bare bottom spankings, corner time and giving oral worship also
required. pull my pants down

Date: Sun 04/24/11 5:10PM
Location: Top End

Message: Interested in spanking and being spanked. In the first instance I like to swap ideas and stories. I travel to all major capital cities and have met and spanked (and been spanked).

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