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Date: Sun 10/26/14 10:06PM
Location: London

Message: i am a dom top
open minded man
open to almost things
but i do respect limits
has a discreet playroom

i am looking for a sub/slave to obey and serve me

are you interested in serving me?

if you are interested you can contact me here

Skype: young.jake29

Date: Thu 10/2/14 3:34AM
Location: Midlands

Message: Naughty Boy (54) looking for a good slippering and caning, happy to give as well.


Date: Sun 09/28/14 4:03AM
Location: wales

Message: I a 65 yrs of age and I have a fairly unusual
requirement. I would like to meet a male who would use me orally and anally then if I need encouragement would put me over their knee and beat my bottom soundly I have not experienced a male hand since I was in school I go through fairly regular bouts of feeling naughty and need someone to correct me

Date: Sun 09/21/14 11:34AM
Location: South Herefordshire

Message: I am a 60 year old male, still seeking a submissive helper, male or female.

See my previous advert aprox March time for fuller details.

I have had some inquiries from people visiting this site but sadly, I think nervousness got the better of them...... Please try again if you wish.

New visitors to the site also are welcome to contact me, ..Thank you. .//////.

Date: Sat 09/13/14 8:17AM
Location: moray scotland

Message: Guy late 50's slim build seeks authority figure who wears a good leather belt and is willing to use it. Also need spanked over the knee

Date: Wed 08/20/14 4:54PM
Location: Aberdeen

Message: Straight 36 year old overweight boy seeks maintenance spankings. Unable to a commode however but willing to travel within Scotland, perhaps further.

Date: Tue 08/19/14 3:32AM
Location: Norfok

Message: I am looking for strict headmaster in Norfolk and Suffolk area. I am 59 and am ex public school. Can travel as I can't accommodate.

Date: Tue 07/29/14 3:48AM
Location: lincolnshire

Message: l am looking for a good long over the knee spanking ; one like one would have received in the " good old days " from a headmaster or policeman

Date: Fri 07/25/14 7:52AM
Location: west midlands

Message: Straight male slim pert bum looking for strict elderly looking headmaster type to spank and humiliate me.although straight needs to be humiliated by having bum and between the legs groped and fondled . Pull my jeans off and put me over your knee and spank me good over tight white knickers then stand me up pull my pants off for some humiliation and pull me over your knee and spank my bare cheeks till they glow. You should pref be 65 or over and in west mids as I cannot not do any sex or touching just me being felt up by you.

Date: Thu 07/24/14 4:00AM
Location: West Sussex

Message: Male dom aged 49 seeks male companions 18-25 for spanking and role play. Open to Bi fun but not essential in all cases. Help with travel for struggling student types. Acom and travel

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