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Date: Mon 06/22/15 7:08AM
Location: Hastings

Message: I am trying to raise money for 2 chaeities (Help For Heroes and Cancer Research) by being slippered . For every stropke with a slipper I get I Will donate 10p to the charities and if reduced to tears I Will add £20 to the total


Date: Tue 06/16/15 2:10PM
Location: Leeds

Message: Male 36 y/o looking to have his pants and underpants pulled down like a naughty boy and given a sound domestic style spanking in any position you decide. With cornertime before and after or just after. Though would like the experience of being made to stand and wait for a spanking with my pants and underpants pulled down to my ankles. If this interest you please message me. I can't always accomodate.

Date: Mon 06/15/15 12:03PM
Location: Manchester

Message: Inexperienced looking for an experienced caring spanker (s) to show me the ropes and more.

I'm 47 with a hot bubble butt that desires the attention of a spanker's and anything else you have in mind.

Can accommodate or travel.

Date: Sat 06/13/15 4:41AM
Location: Bristol

Message: They say if you donít ask you never find out. So here goís
Adult school boy likes to be 11 years old really 49 would like to do a few role scenarios
1. Be punished in the class room whist others watch / wait their turn to go over the desk.
2. Sent and made to wait outside the masters / heads study
3. In sports changing room strip out of gym /sports kit and take shower (supervised or not) with other boys and maybe get punished for some miss deed.
4. Spend an evening/night in a boarding house environment with other boys. Dom and House masters study
5. Also looking for step dad and Mum to visit some weekends maybe with a private garden where one can play and not be seen in my uniform, a study etc.

If you can help in any way please get in contact

Date: Mon 06/8/15 9:53AM
Location: Sheffield

Message: Naughty male age 40 looking for male spankers, no upper age limit, so anyone over 18 to deal with me with my pants down over your knee. I have a good range of implements and can meet most days except for Tuesdays. I am 100% Genuine, discreet and safe and can accommodate you, my post code is S17 4HT. Also happy to deal with naughty boys or girls.

Date: Fri 06/5/15 5:53AM
Location: London area

Message: I am a slim, smooth type nephew looking for an elderly uncle who is not too severe but is into domestic role play. You will find any excuse to pull down my underpants or pyjamas.I am 45 looking for much older, kinky.

Date: Wed 06/3/15 10:56PM
Location: York

Message: looking to take a birthday birching, can accommodate

Date: Fri 05/29/15 2:22AM
Location: Yorkshire

Message: 50 plus make seeks uncle or schoolmaster to teach him the error of his ways. can travel only

Date: Fri 05/22/15 8:40AM
Location: London/South East

Message: Ex rugby player, 50s, superb, firm but meaty backside, seeks guys 30-65 for horny two-way fun. Spanking, strap, paddle, cane. Have good collection of implements and a caning bench. My place or yours. Near Belsize Park.
Trousers, shorts, bare arse.
Cum on guys, fun wanted.

Date: Sat 05/9/15 10:43AM
Location: Central Scotland

Message: I'm a slim, athletic 48 year old male seeking a mature dominant male for bare bottomed discipline. I don't mind if you are gay, straight or bi and there are no upper age limits.

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