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Date: Sat 12/20/14 8:40AM
Location: Manchester

Message: Older guy who loves being spanked and takes deep throat as part of punishment , would like to meet up with guys who can accomodate and give me what I'm after.

Date: Wed 12/17/14 6:28AM
Location: essex

Message: Hi guys. I have a lovely smooth tanned back that i would love punished while i am in ladies strappy slip. cand on shoulders too if u like. nothing too exterme, just a bit of fun

Date: Wed 12/10/14 5:29AM
Location: Portsmouth Hants

Message: Hello I am looking for a dom/master to show me the delights of being spanked taking cp and testing me on my O and A
I can either accom or travel (short distance)
I can be free day or evening times I do have implements gags toys and restraints
email is
txt anytime on 07791017406

xx : oops : :lol: :D

Date: Tue 11/25/14 1:18AM
Location: Manchester

Message: Are you in need of a discipline spanking to keep you in line
curious about the old traditional methods of spanking
fit strict male to administer a good spanking to errant lads

please get in touch if you need a good spanking
males under 40yrs of age


Date: Sat 11/15/14 4:34AM
Location: essex

Message: I'm a genuine sub looking for a dominant Master to discipline and abuse me. I need restraining gagging and need cbt tt.I am totally submissive and will please my Master in anyway possible

Date: Fri 11/7/14 7:24PM
Location: London

Message: Hi Gentlemen

I'm an enthusiastic, very hot young TV in need of strict older Males to spank my naughty arse.
My dress look is Trashy.. very Trashy! you will like what you see laid over your knee
I am also available to be spanked at all Male spanking parties, so if you and a few mates are holding a spanking party and need a really hot Tgirl then please get in touch.

Date: Sun 10/26/14 10:06PM
Location: London

Message: i am a dom top
open minded man
open to almost things
but i do respect limits
has a discreet playroom

i am looking for a sub/slave to obey and serve me

are you interested in serving me?

if you are interested you can contact me here

Skype: young.jake29

Date: Thu 10/2/14 3:34AM
Location: Midlands

Message: Naughty Boy (54) looking for a good slippering and caning, happy to give as well.


Date: Sun 09/28/14 4:03AM
Location: wales

Message: I a 65 yrs of age and I have a fairly unusual
requirement. I would like to meet a male who would use me orally and anally then if I need encouragement would put me over their knee and beat my bottom soundly I have not experienced a male hand since I was in school I go through fairly regular bouts of feeling naughty and need someone to correct me

Date: Sun 09/21/14 11:34AM
Location: South Herefordshire

Message: I am a 60 year old male, still seeking a submissive helper, male or female.

See my previous advert aprox March time for fuller details.

I have had some inquiries from people visiting this site but sadly, I think nervousness got the better of them...... Please try again if you wish.

New visitors to the site also are welcome to contact me, ..Thank you. .//////.

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