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Date: Mon 12/15/14 11:04AM
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Date: Fri 10/31/14 9:54AM
Location: San Diego Ca

Message: Ineed soneoe in san dego ca that will bster my botom like a bad litte kid. I will do alost anythin fo a god hard spanking

Date: Sun 10/26/14 10:10PM
Location: Los Angeles

Message: i am a dom top
open minded man
open to almost things
but i do respect limits
has a discreet playroom

i am looking for a sub/slave to obey and serve me

are you interested in serving me?

if you are interested you can contact me here

Skype: young.jake29

Date: Sat 10/11/14 3:52AM
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Date: Sun 05/25/14 1:38PM
Location: Ithaca,NY

Message: Looking to be spanked by older male(s)with strap,paddle,brush,switch,and cane til my bottom and thighs are very red and sore. I love being bound and spanked especially by a group of men each with a different instrament to blister my little naughty bottom raw.

Date: Sun 01/26/14 3:34PM
Location: san antonio, tx

Message: Experienced discipinarian, 55, 6"1', 180, reasonably good-looking (and actually a pretty nice guy), looking for area young men who require role-play bare-bottom punishment with hand, strap, paddle and/or hairbrush. I'm stern, but not brutal, and guarantee you a red, sore and tender little backside. We both know you want it; so, contact me, already...

Date: Fri 01/3/14 5:30PM
Location: Atlanta, GA USA

Message: Experienced WM, 5'8", 200# seeks white/Hispanic guys b/t 30-55 who need a bare ass spanking. Gay, bi or straight may Safe & sane & respect limits. Butt play, corner time, feeling you up, minor forms of CD can be considered. Physical description age, height, weight and photo appreciated. Recurring visits may be possible.

Date: Tue 11/12/13 11:37AM
Location: united states

Message: I am dominant but caring, rough but nurturing, hard but sensitive, intense but feeling, powerful but loving. I'm masculine, mature, muscular, strong thighs, elegant, untamed. I have a clear idea of what I want in a partner. I also have a view of the types of playmates. The main requirement is your desire to serve with obedience. Your role is to serve and please me both sexually and domestically. As Master, my role is to provide a safe and secure environment, and, to guide, lead and mentor. Obedience, truth, loyalty, integrity, trust, honor, mutual respect and open communications are important to me.

you can also contact me on my skype lord.master86

Date: Mon 09/16/13 7:20PM
Location: shelton, wa

Message: 59 year old small man (5'2") seeking big strong disciplinarian.

Date: Tue 08/13/13 6:12PM
Location: West Virginia

Message: Was raised with old fashioned corporal punishment, with ass paddles, straps & being birched across the naked ass in front of other guys for embarrassment effect. If interested in hearing more, email back.

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