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Date: Thu 12/6/18 11:08AM
Location: Minneapolis

Message: Hello,

I am a 43 yo looking for a spanking from an older, mature gentleman. I am 5'10, 170, good build, very light skin. We can work out the details etc. Experience preferred.


Date: Wed 12/5/18 7:33PM
Location: Zilliamlom

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Date: Fri 11/16/18 6:41PM
Location: Chattanooga Tn

Message: Looking for an older man to put me over his knees and give me a
good long hand spanking. It's possible that it may be more but we'll just have to see.
would like to be put in the corner before, in the middle, and after my spanking. You'll have
to host. You'll have to be reasonably close or I can't do it. Looking for someone over 50.

Date: Mon 11/12/18 4:29PM
Location: Virginia

Message: 38 male email me. Spanking enthusiast

Date: Wed 10/17/18 4:54PM
Location: Seattle, WA

Message: I am a 23 year old male looking for a hard punishment spanking that will leave me crying, humble, and with a sore bottom. Mouth soapings, corner time, chores and other additional punishments can be added as you see fit to get the message across.

Date: Sun 10/14/18 9:49AM
Location: Walzacekes

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Date: Fri 09/28/18 7:06AM
Location: Central Florida

Message: I am a 27yo 5'8"athletic mostly smooth bi bottom.
Im looking for someone who can give a real otk, wheelbarrow, diaper position etc hard spanking on my bare bottom. I prefer older men but someone my age with experience in spanking is ok as well.If things go well I would like a regular thing for consistent discipline. I like to struggle and squirm while you pull my underwear down before I give in to your dominance. If your interested in more we can talk.

I'm also hiv- and disease free you must be too.

If your interested let me know and we'll exchange pics and figure out where we can do our thing.

Date: Thu 09/27/18 2:55PM
Location: Boston Ma

Message: Hi there, I'm in the Boston area and have my own car, I'm willing to travel out of state for the right person. I love to be on the receiving end of a good old fashioned spanking with multiple implaments. Into other activities as well so just ask, this naughty boy needs to learn. I'm 33 and successful

Date: Wed 08/29/18 12:16PM
Location: Cincinati, OH (willing to travel)

Message: I want to stop hiding. But I'm so scared.

Will you take away my ability to hide? Will you take away my clothes and then take away my self-control by spanking me until I cry ...? I ran and hid my nakedness from you for so long, and I'm so, so sorry. Please don't abandon me because of it!

Please, forgive me. I want to stop hiding. But I'm so scared.

Will you help me stop hiding?

Please be straight (NO SEX).

A manual laborer (e.g. farmer, carpenter, etc.) or ex-military man is preferred, but not necessary. I'd also like you to be bigger than me (I'm 6'2", 195lbs, 27 y/o), but as long as you're stronger than me, I'll be okay. You don't even have to be a lot older than me. A man in his 30s or 40s is fine.

That said, above all else, I need you to be a man who worships Jesus the Christ, and him only.

For "we do not war against flesh and blood ...", and thus the only way I can trust you is if you prove to me that you know (and are known by) Jesus, and that you love him above everything and everyone else — even me.

If you fit this criteria, then please reply.

Or, if feel led of the Holy Spirit to reply, even if you don't fit the criteria, then please still reply. Above my own desires, I want to worship Jesus of Nazareth. No matter what he says, I will obey — even if I don't like it at first. And if he's given you a message for me ...

... well, I'll hear it and rejoice in my spirit and obey.

To him who has ears to hear, let him hear.

Date: Sun 08/19/18 3:16PM
Location: NYC

Message: Dominant spanker here looking to spank a younger dude. NO SEX. Im 45 6ft 160 masc italian. You be younger (25-40), in shape and ready to submit for a HARD spanking.

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