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Date: Mon 03/25/19 7:55PM
Location: Walzerdoose

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Date: Fri 03/8/19 2:47AM
Location: RemotmosGah

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Date: Thu 02/28/19 4:51AM
Location: lewiston, maine

Message: male 60 looking for a guy from maine
willing to give me a hard bare ass spanking

Date: Tue 02/26/19 2:19PM
Location: Davizdaw

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Date: Fri 01/25/19 4:25PM
Location: Chattanooga TN

Message: Looking for an older man reasonably close to bare my butt and give me a good old fashion spanking. I'm 37 6'2" and 179 lbs. Looking to be spanked for real if interested drop me a line and we can talk it over, then go from there.

Date: Tue 01/15/19 6:58PM
Location: Mobile, Alabama

Message: I am 34 years old looking for an older father figure for spanking discipline via hand, belt and my leather paddle

Date: Thu 12/6/18 11:08AM
Location: Minneapolis

Message: Hello,

I am a 43 yo looking for a spanking from an older, mature gentleman. I am 5'10, 170, good build, very light skin. We can work out the details etc. Experience preferred.


Date: Wed 12/5/18 7:33PM
Location: Zilliamlom

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Date: Fri 11/16/18 6:41PM
Location: Chattanooga Tn

Message: Looking for an older man to put me over his knees and give me a
good long hand spanking. It's possible that it may be more but we'll just have to see.
would like to be put in the corner before, in the middle, and after my spanking. You'll have
to host. You'll have to be reasonably close or I can't do it. Looking for someone over 50.

Date: Mon 11/12/18 4:29PM
Location: Virginia

Message: 38 male email me. Spanking enthusiast

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